What Is Orthodontics?

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty specifically targeted at diagnosing and treating tooth irregularity and misalignment in the jaw area. Teeth that are well-aligned represent easier cleaning, better oral hygiene, clearer speech and a more pleasant smile.  It is best to begin orthodontic treatment earlier, as problems can be resolved more easily.

Some of the common conditions treated with orthodontics are:

  • Anteroposterior deviations  –This is a deviation between a pair of closed jaws is known as an anteroposterior discrepancy or deviation.
  • Overcrowding  – This occurs when there is insufficient space for normal growth and development of adult teeth.
  • Aesthetic problems  – A beautiful straight smile can be marred by a single misaligned tooth.

Some of the most common treatments are:

  • Fixed orthodontic braces  – This is a metal or ceramic dental base affixed to each tooth, with a dental wire inserted through each base.
  • Removable appliances  – There are a wide range of removable appliances commonly used in orthodontics, including headgear to correct overbites.
  • Invisalign®  – This is a newer, removable type of dental aligner that is completely transparent and does not interfere with eating.
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