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Jerry Yang, DDS reception area

New Patients at
Jerry Yang, DDS

Welcome to our dental practice! We seek to make the new patient process as pleasant and seamless as possible. When you call, please let us know what you’re coming in for. Some of our patients request a consultation or want to address a particular dental issue. We will also ask you if you want to schedule a cleaning.

What to Expect

Using our electronic patient engagement service, we will send all the paperwork to you, and you can complete it before your appointment. You’ll provide your health and insurance information.

If you require assistance completing your forms, a member of our staff can help you. First, they will take your temperature and then check you in. When they are ready for you, you’ll be escorted to one of the exam rooms. Otherwise, when it’s time for your appointment, you will check in from your car and be escorted directly to your room when you come in.

We don’t take X-rays every time. Dr. Yang will first determine what your needs are and decide what type of images to take. You may just require a panoramic X-ray. Or he may determine that you need a more detailed one, such as a 3D X-ray, to figure out what your particular dental problem is. If you’ve had X-rays taken within the past year at a different dental practice, you can bring them in, and Dr. Yang will review them.

After the exam and necessary X-rays, Dr. Yang will go over the options with you. Then, we’ll have a discussion, and he’ll answer whatever questions you have. He’ll then present you with a customized treatment plan, and you can then schedule your next appointment if you like.

If you want to get started that day, Dr. Yang may perform some treatment at your first visit. It all depends on what you want to have done and what your circumstances are. If you’re in pain, we want to help you that day.

Please allow 50 minutes to an hour for this first appointment.

Payment Options

We offer various payment options for your convenience, including personal checks, money orders, and most major credit cards. While we do accept cash payments, please note that we cannot provide change, and any excess payment will be credited to your account. Payment is due at the time of service. In cases of more extensive dental care, our office can work with you to arrange suitable financial terms.

Dental Insurance

To assist our patients, our practice offers insurance coverage verification services. We accept PPO dental insurance plans, including out-of-network plans, and we are not affiliated with any HMO managed care network.

Our accounting team will handle all the necessary paperwork for your dental benefits. However, it’s important to remember that the specifics of your policy constitute an agreement between you and your insurance provider. You should be aware that you bear responsibility for the entire cost in case your insurance benefits provide less coverage than expected.

The fees for services provided to insured individuals match the customary charges applied to all our patients for similar services. Your policy may determine allowances based on a fixed fee schedule, which may or may not align with our standard fees. It’s crucial to note that insurance companies widely vary in the types of coverage they offer, and some may process claims swiftly, while others may delay payment for several months.

Membership Plan

No dental benefits? No problem! Do you wish you could get dental benefits, but the plans were too complicated or expensive? At Jerry Yang, DDS, you can get high-quality dental care at an affordable price with our easy to understand membership plan. Join our membership plan!


Dental Financing

Patients have the option of dental financing through SUNBIT, which allows them to make affordable monthly payments for their required dental treatments. For additional details, please reach out to our office or visit our website.

New Patients at Jerry Yang, DDS | (510) 797-2611